Michelle Haner
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NOTE: The following resume details Michelle's work as an actor. The downloadable PDF details her work as a director & a producer, as well as in arts education, program leadership and project management.

One-on-One Co-star Katy Garretson/UPN
CSI Co-star D. Cannon/CBS
Deadwood Co-star W. Hill/ HBO
Dragnet Guest star J. De Segonaz/ Universal
27,000 Days Naveen Singh
The Way Down Roz J. Francis/ Just One Film
Merchant of Venice Nerissa P. Wagar/ Wild Vision
Beautiful People Daisy J. Crow/ Projecterhead Prod.
Mad Twins Doctor L. Cohn/UCLA Grad.
D’une Lisa, L’autre Lisa C. Baque/ Baque Prod.- France
Cancellation Hearts Lady Macbeth A. Butler/ UCLA Grad.
THEATRE (selected)
Sheryl, Hamlet & Me solo performance B.Yalom/foolsFURY
All You Can Eat Camille deToqueville S.M. Haskell/foolsFURY
how blue the sky was Diane Robineau S.M.Haskell/Blue Monkey Works
[re] mains Ensemble Production T. McFarland/ REDCAT
The Chekhov Machine Anna Petrovna F. Fatulescu/ Open Fist
Roberto Zucco The Elegant Lady R. Milton/ Open Fist

The Deformed Transformed Puppeteer V. Lewis/ Mark Taper – Other Voices
And Still The Dogs Doina/ Discogirl D. Bonnell/ Ensemble Studio Theater
White House Dogs The First Lady M. Farber/ Trade City Prod.
Gag Me With A Dane One-Person Show D. Schweizer/ UCLA & EST- LA
Shakespeare’s Passions Kate, Desdemona E. Geer/ Theat. Botanicum & Geffen
School For Scandal Lady Sneerwell M. Langham/ UCLA Little Theater
The Three Sisters Masha A. Zaslove/ UCLA Little Theater
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hermia R. Handlen/ St. Denis, France
La Novice et La Vertue The Devil’s Cat A. Campo/ La Chartreuse, France
Grease Paint/ Polo Necks Multiple Roles F. Guidi/ E.L.A.N., Wales
Alice Tweedle Dee D. Pons/ Bantam Theater, Spain
Soil in My Shoes Narrator W. Greer/ Bantam Theater, Spain
The Exchange Lechy Elbernon A. Campo/ Ange Mag., France
Electra Chrysothemis A. Campo/ Ange Mag., France
UCLA – School of Theater, Film & Television, Los Angeles, CA – Master of Fine Arts, Acting
University of Paris, La Sorbonne, Paris, France – Master of Arts, Theater (highest honors)
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA – Bachelor of Arts, Social Studies (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa)
Acting:      S. Jens (Strasberg), M. Shapiro, M. Langham, H. Burns, JL. Valenzuela, T. Miller, T.Bentley-Fisher (Yat)
Acting (Camera):  G. Cates, H. Stein, M. Haber
Movement:  JL Rodrigue (Alexander), J.Heim (Dance), A. Santos (Capoiera), K.Weill (Suzuki)
Voice/Speech:   P. Wagar, J. Moreland, P. Wittrock, M. Wilbur, R. Handlen (RSC), D.Krausnick, K. White
L’Ecole Jacques LeCoq – Paris, France (2-year full-time physical theater training program)
Mask/Clown:  A.Mnouchkine (Theatre du Soleil, Paris) J. Flannigan (Commotion Theat, London)
Improv: M.Dioume (Peter Brooke’s Company), B. Palermo (Groundlings), Augusto Boal
Viewpoints: SITI company members (A. Aizawa, J. Ed Araiza, L. Ingulsrud, B. O’Hanlon) M. Overlie
Language: Fluent in French, strong Spanish
Performance: Clown, Puppetry, Stilts, Basic Stage Combat, Fencing, Singing (Mezzo-Sop.)
Sports: Running, Horseback Riding, Yoga
Dialects: Standard American, Regional: Southern, British, French, Eastern European
Note: Michelle has been a member of FURY Theater Company, the Classical Theater Lab, and Ensemble Studio Theater-LA. She also leads Blue Monkey Works, a Berkeley-based arts company.

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